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A Time to Gain, A Time to Lose by Edward Kendrick at Silver Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 05-February-2013

Book Blurb

When PI Zane Turner needs help tracking down a stalker he turns to Axel Hayward, a blind profiler. Axel agrees, in exchange for Zane helping to protect him against the man who was the cause of his blindness, a man who has suddenly reappeared in his life.

As the two men, plus Rex Turner, Zane's cousin and business partner, work to find the person stalking several of the Turners' new clients Axel and Zane find themselves drawn together in more than the case.

Then Axel is targeted and they must decide is it the stalker or the man from his past who is responsible?

Book Review

A great novella, with two interesting mysteries to solve, and some fascinating characters, this story pulled me in from the moment I read "blind profiler". It is tough enough to do a job like that when being able to see, but I imagine the need to remember all the details of a case without any visual cues must be a lot harder. I also really liked how the relationship between Axel and Zane developed slowly, with their focus on the respective cases at first as they slowly discover there maybe more between them than a professional relationship.

Axel may be blind, but he certainly isn't helpless. He is also amazingly calm about the fact his blindness was caused by an ex lover's inattention or lack of readiness to help quickly. I know I certainly would still be angry – yes, even ten years later! Axel is better off having forgiven the idiot, but still. I liked the description of Axel's job as a profiler and how he deals with daily life equally. Jazz, his loyal guide dog, also deserves a mention – I loved him!

Zane is a PI, but he knows when a case requires help and isn’t afraid to go ask for it. I admired him for that, as well as the professional way he handles working with Axel. He doesn’t coddle Axel because he is blind, or make special allowances, beyond those of common courtesy. He is a very competent PI and a great guy.

As for the solution to the mystery? Surprising and unexpected, yes, but then I am no sleuth myself. It all made sense to me in the end, which is great. The passion between Axel and Zane was wonderful, and just at the right level for me in a story that is primarily a mystery. If you like mysteries that are a little more complicated than average, if you enjoy reading abut two professionals  falling for each other while they work together, and if you're looking for a a story that portrays a blind man realistically and as just as competent as the next guy, you will probably like this novella as much as I did.




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Format ebook
Length Novella, 124 pages/22647 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 17-November-2012
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