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A New Year on Vega III by Siri Paulson at Mischief Corner Books

Genre Gay / Trans* / Asexual/Aromantic / Genderfluid / Science Fiction / Other Planets / Romance / Holiday
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 30-December-2017

Book Blurb

On the colony planet Vega III, everyone knows Beck—outgoing, fabulous, and genderqueer—and nobody notices Anil, the quiet plant biologist. But when Anil finds Beck hiding in his greenhouse, lonely and missing Earth, it's Anil who is able to comfort Beck by letting them talk about what they miss most—the feeling that comes with celebrating the holidays with loved ones, especially New Year's Eve.

The two of them are drawn to one another, but both of them are hiding secrets about their sexuality. With trust between them already on shaky ground, Anil's elaborate plans to cheer Beck may well backfire.

Book Review

Quiet and outgoing can be a difficult combination for a relationship, but gay Anil and genderqueer/trans* Beck, of ‘A New Year on Vega III’, have a lot more to contend with. They live on a colony planet and are about to celebrate its one-year anniversary when Beck realizes how much they miss Earth and the New Year’s celebrations there. Anil picks up on this and decides to organize a party for Beck – which is a real challenge for someone who is as quiet and withdrawn as Anil.

Anil and Beck are clearly attracted to each other, but neither is able to be completely honest about their sexuality. Both end up making assumptions – and you know as well as I do what happens when that is the case. Misunderstandings and a lack of communication almost ends their budding relationship, but the help of other colonists, insatiable curiosity, and a willingness to open up to maybe give each other a second chance may just be what both of them need.

If you like stories about unusual relationships, if celebrating the new year on a colony far, far away is your thing, and if you’re looking for a quietly touching read with lots of emotions, a couple of surprises, and a very happy ending, then you will probably love this short story as much as I do. It’s a great example of two people needing to learn how to really listen before they realize they are made for each other.





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 35 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 30-December-2017
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