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A Lesson in Truth by Sloan Parker at Sloan Parker Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Students/Teachers/Professors / Age Gap / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 15-January-2013

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David’s a graduate student about to finish his thesis. Michael’s his advisor and former instructor. The two shouldn’t have feelings for each other, but after two years of friendship and longing, David can no longer deny what he’s feeling. Is Michael ready to accept being more than a teacher to a man fifteen years younger? And if they give into their desires, is it only a way for them to say goodbye?


Book Review

Haven't you ever wanted something so badly that it hurts, that the thought of having and losing it fills you with dread? This is how David strikes me in 'A Lesson Learned' by Sloan Parker. After months of being friends with Michael, he can't help dreaming of more. Encouraged by a kiss, David begins to believe that Michael wants the same thing, but because of a few ill chosen words my Michael: “I can't do this anymore.” which poor David totally misinterprets as the end of their relationship, he's crestfallen. His heart aches; he's numb, unable to think rationally. His dream was so close and now seems to be slipping away. The rejection he feels intensifies as Michael goes on to tell him he's not going to be his advisor anymore. David is more convinced that Michael is through with him.

Even feeling this way, when Michael wants him, David, having wanted this for so long, can't resist him despite still misunderstanding the situation. Thinking it's good-bye sex, he surrenders to his desires, at least knowing that he will have this memory.  Their lovemaking is glorious, passionate, and emotional, even more intense than either of them thought it would be. When Michael realizes that David's thinking and his are going in different directions, he scrambles to clear things up. He gathers the broken pieces of David's heart and seals them back together with love and an offer David is unable to refuse.

I loved this story. It's beautiful, romantic, and full of angst, which Sloan Parker is very good at providing. There are lesson here as well. Don't be too quick to assume things and never underestimate the power of love. Thanks, Sloan, for this short, but amazingly powerful story.  




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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 3847 words
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Publication Date 09-January-2013
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