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A Gift for Santa (The Naughty North Pole 3) by Deanna Wadsworth at Decadent Publishing

Genre Gay / Fantasy / Elves/Fairies/Sidhe / Erotic Romance / Holiday / Humor/Comedy
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 15-December-2012

Book Blurb

Since birth, demi-god Nick Claus has heard the demands, wishes and dreams of all humans. Unable to grant the wishes of adults because they want love, health, and peace on Earth—things he cannot provide—Nick has devoted his eternity to granting the wishes of children by bringing them toys on Christmas Eve.

But what about the things Nick wants? Will he ever find the love he craves? Or will he continue to pretend the North Pole has not become lonely and Christmas is all he needs?

Enter Jack Frost.

The winter sprite has been teasing Nick and flirting with him ever since the first kiss they shared, centuries ago. With a saucy proposition, Jack convinces Nick to take a few minutes out for himself despite the busy Christmas season. The catch is, Jack hates Christmas.

Will Nick be able to melt the heart of Jack Frost, or will he end up getting frostbite from this sexy, naughty sprite?

Book Review

A great follow-up to last year's funny and entertaining story about Pip and Erik, two of Santa's elves, this year's installment of the happenings at the "Naughty North Pole" had me fascinated. Not just because Santa himself is one of the two main characters and the one to tell the story. Mainly because of the underlying emotions, the depth of the issue between the two men, and Deanna Wadsworths's ability to use her humorous style to ensure the tone remains mostly light. This makes for the perfect mix as far as I am concerned, and ensures this is a Christmas story with some depth as well as considerable entertainment value.

Santa, or Nick, is lonely and has yearned for Jack Frost for centuries, Not that he would admit it, he feels far too rejected and wounded. Jack is the one man who seems determined to snub, ignore, and even resent Nick. Santa makes every kid's wish come true (that is his mission, at least) is deeply unhappy and neither wants to admit it, nor does he have a clue what to do. Instead, he focuses on making Christmas even bigger, even better each year, hoping that, one day, Jack will come to love it as well. Love him as well, because he is Christmas, so he thinks Jack feels the same way about him as he does about the holiday.

Jack Frost is a badass, dresses and behaves like a biker, and has quite the reputation for sleeping with everyone he gets his hands on. The things he says can be truly hurtful, but I had a feeling it might all be a bit of an exaggeration. Being the guy in charge of winter he is naturally cold, and that includes his heart. We don’t find out why he behaves this way until the last third of the story, but there are hints before then. Figuring out what is going on with him adds a nice touch of mystery to the story.

This world takes a few liberties with Norse sagas and the Western view of what goes on at the North Pole, and the result is a humorous, if somewhat unusual, look at elves and Santa Claus. If you don’t mind the legends you think you know getting a little mixed up, if you like the idea of Nick and Jack getting a little kinky, and if men who have been lonely for centuries finally reconnecting is what you’re looking for, then you will probably like this short book as much as I did.




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Format ebook
Length Novella, 27000 words
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Publication Date 01-December-2012
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