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A Gentleman's Agreement by J. Roman at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Historical / Regency / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 22-December-2012

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Thomas Derrik is about to have the worst Christmas of his life. Three days before the holiday, he finds out the father he doesn’t get along with is arriving on Christmas Eve, his ex-lover and new brother-in-law will be staying at his estate until the New Year, and his beloved brother, Edmund, has died.

Luckily, Edmund’s last holiday scheme may well save Thomas’s Christmas: Henry Appleby, a young lord fresh from the Continent, has arranged to court Thomas. But the family tragedy and jealous exes may put an end to the romance before it begins.

Book Review

It's unusual for a man to be a matchmaker especially in the Regency period; but that's exactly what Edmund of 'A Gentleman's Agreement' by J. Roman did. He arranged a meeting between his best friend, Henry, and his elder brother, Thomas, and turned what could have been a dreadful Christmas for everyone in to a time none of them will forget.

From the start I felt Thomas's despair. His ex-lover had married his sister. His brother was reported dead and Christmas was right around the corner. To make matters worse, his ex who wasn't that good to him when they were together, still assumed that Thomas would continue their affair even though he was not his brother-in-law. His ex-lover was nothing less than a bully who enjoyed controlling people and making them miserable. Unfortunately, it taints his perception of any other relationship he may have. Thomas doesn't want an affair, he wants a long-term relationship with a man who loves and respects him. His odd, yet wonderful courtship with Henry is the thing dreams are made of for Thomas and the rest of the deal, marrying Henry's sister so she can be free to do as she likes, was pure genius on Edmund's part. Unrealistic? Perhaps so, but it is a wonderful plunge into the fantasy of how things could be and that's what made it so endearing.

Henry is an amazing man. He's handsome, intelligent, considerate, nurturing, and sexy. He's so good to his sister and Thomas, and so amazingly understanding even when Thomas isn't so easy to understand. Their gentleman's agreement is almost too good to be true. Edmund knew his brother and Henry so well that he had almost every contingency planned to the letter even the advantage of Thomas marrying Henry's sister who wanted a marriage in name only. It works out wonderfully for everyone.

'A Gentleman's Agreement' is an endearing love story which takes place in the Regency period in England. Loving another man could cost you your life, yet Thomas and Henry are willing to risk it to have an honest life together. I'd recommend this story to anyone who enjoys escaping into a good historical romance where anything is possible. Thank you, J. Roman, for this delightful journey.




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Format ebook and audio
Length Novella, 100 pages/24084 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 01-December-2012
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