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A Few Good Fish (Fish Out of Water 3) by Amy Lane at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Erotic Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 29-August-2018

Book Blurb

A tomcat, a psychopath, and a psychic walk into the desert to rescue the men they love…. Can everybody make it out with their skin intact? 


PI Jackson Rivers and Defense Attorney Ellery Cramer have barely recovered from last November, when stopping a serial killer nearly destroyed Jackson in both body and spirit.


But their previous investigation poked a new danger with a stick, forcing Jackson and Ellery to leave town so they can meet the snake in its den.


Jackson Rivers grew up with the mean streets as a classroom and he learned a long time ago not to give a damn about his own life. But he gets a whole new education when the enemy takes Ellery. The man who pulled his shattered pieces from darkness and stitched them back together again is in trouble, and Jackson’s only chance to save him rests in the hands of fragile allies he barely knows.


It’s going to take a little bit of luck to get these Few Good Fish out alive!


Book Review

I could barely contain my excitement when I cracked open ‘A Few Good Fish’, book three in Amy Lane’s ‘Fish Out of Water’ series. Now, that could be because I was going to be rejoining Ellery and Jackson, two much-loved characters, as they worked to investigate the shady military operation they discovered in the previous volume, that appears to train men to be serial killers. Or, it could be because I was going to get to spend some time with two men I have loved for years, Ace and Sonny, from the author’s marvelous book ‘Racing for the Sun’, as they help Jackson and Ellery in their endeavors. Personally, I think it is all of the above plus the author’s wit, humor, and damn awesome way of crafting a story.

“… Ace Atchison and Sonny Daye were invisible. Two combat vets who owned a garage and outfitted cars. They raced illegally sometimes, sure… Desert dwellers. Rattlesnakes, perfectly content under their rock. But if you poked the two guys with a stick, Jackson was pretty sure things would get bloody.”

After everything that happened at the end of the previous book, it was no surprise to me that Ellery and Jackson were going to look harder into Commander Lacey, a man who to all intents and purposes, seems to be training “super soldiers” for the military, but that is just a polite term for the serial killers he has been churning out of his behavior modification “school”. How are Ace and Sonny involved? Well, they both served in Iraq with one of Lacey’s trainees, and Ellery and Jackson are hoping they might remember something that’ll give the guys a way to get at Lacey.

Of course with the luck that Jackson and Ellery have, Lacey’s men get Ellery and Ace (thinking he’s Jackson) and Jackson partners with Sonny, Ernie, and Jai for a rescue attempt. Oh, and I can’t forget about Burton, super-hot former Marine who works black ops for the government, who got involved because he got a contract to take out Ernie but, well…. I can’t tell you all of that because I’m really hoping the author does a side story featuring those two. Needless to say, Jackson and Sonny get their men back but not before Ellery gets injured leaving Jackson to be the one pacing frantically in the hospital waiting for news.

“Oh God. That was his worst fear. Ellery had always had this curious innocence to the horrors around him. Jackson had known them intimately. His dreams were always that he couldn’t protect the people he loved from the things that had touched him with slimy fingers.”

As exciting as ‘A Few Good Fish’ is just because of the intrigue, the action, the gunfire blazing, and them getting the bad guy(s), I think, at least for me anyway, it’s the strength of Jackson and Ellery’s love for one another that makes it such a phenomenal read. It’s also Ellery’s fight to show Jackson that he IS worthy of being loved, of having family and people who care about him. Jackson can break the world’s biggest cynic’s heart so seeing him struggle to feel worthy, to feel justified in having people (Ellery) love him, is enough to have me wanting to scoop him up and fix all of his broken pieces.

I can’t say I was surprised by the decision Ellery’s law firm made at the end but I sure loved Jackson and Jade’s response to it! Luckily, I only have to wait a few months for the next book to be released and then I can see what these men will get into that, hopefully, doesn’t end up with anyone in the hospital and Jackson not totaling another car. As always, I loved the secondary characters, Ellery’s mom (Lucy Satan as Jackson calls her!) is a definite favorite, but getting a chance to see my Ace and Sonny again plus getting to know Ernie and Burton means I have even more men with stories to look forward to.

A huge, heartfelt thank you to Amy Lane for bringing these men and their stories to such vivid life! I love everything about them.





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Format ebook, print and audio
Length Novel, 290 pages/102843 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 28-August-2018
Price $6.99 ebook, $16.99 paperback, $16.99 bundle, $13.97 audiobook
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