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A Dom's Revenge (Club Floggers 2) by H.C. Brown at Hawt Books Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / BDSM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 29-June-2013

Book Blurb

Everything is going well for, Nash Mage, and his lover affair with sub, Paul, until Nash does a favor for Rio, the owner of Floggers’ BDSM Club.

Expecting Paul to trust him implicitly, Nash’s world falls apart when he finds his confused, innocent sub in the arms of his nemesis, Frank. Teetering on the edge of sanity and out of control, Nash is looking for revenge.

NOTE: This book was previously released under the title "Love Revisited: Nash and Paul" at Noble Romance Publishing in February 2011.


Book Review

At the end of the previous story Paul and Nash had just begun a relationship and overcome their first obstacle. This story picks up exactly where the previous one ended and both men now face the challenge of building real trust, and the development of deepening feelings on both sides.

Nash may have recognized that he hurt Paul when he seemed to be interested in a previous lover, and has made amends, but his real problem is that he's still hung up on his reputation as a 'badass Dom'. And what he thinks that means (not being emotional and not showing any sort of vulnerability) stands in the way of having a real relationship with Paul. He does learn and redeem himself, and watching that happen was interesting as well as fun.

Paul is more than patient, and even though he clearly shows his displeasure, he does so hoping that Nash will understand why he has to do it. Paul wants more than a D/s relationship which is a succession of exciting scenes (although he doesn't mind that at all), but he wants more. Allowing Nash the time and room to grow into understanding and being able to handle that is a monumental task, and comes with growing pains, but Paul figures it's worth all the suffering.

If you enjoy reading about hot sex with a hint of domination, if you like reading about developing D.s relationships with all their complications, and if you and don't mind a certain lack of openness between the participants while they figure it all out, you will probably like this short story.



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Additional Information

Format ebook
Length Short Story, 22 pages/6500 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 24-June-2013
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