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A Cowboy's Home (Montana 3) by RJ Scott at Love Lane Books

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Agents/Spies / Cowboys/Cowgirls / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 08-July-2016

Book Blurb

One burned and broken man finds his way home. Can he find peace in the arms of a man easy to love?

Justin made the ultimate sacrifice for his country, battling domestic terrorism, never the man he really was, using hate to avenge the death of his best friend. The friend he'd killed.


What he doesn’t count on is getting shot, and if he's going to die he wants it to be on Crooked Tree soil. Home.


Sam is as much a part of Crooked Tree as any of the families, and the offer to buy into the ranch is a dream come true. But falling for a hidden, secretive, injured man isn’t the way to keep his head in the game.


Book Review

‘A Cowboy’s Home’ is not just the title of the third book in the ‘Montana’ series, it is also the perfect summary of the events, the feelings, and the drama that has been, and is, Justin’s life. I have been waiting for his story ever since the mystery of his (presumed) death was mentioned in book one, and I am impressed with the way RJ Scott has woven together all the story threads across three novels into a suspense-filled and very moving whole.

‘Montana’ is the tale of three families who jointly own the Crooked Tree Ranch: their secrets and struggles, the disasters and successes that separate and unite them, and the love they all share with each other. It took them years to deal with some of the past events, and I enjoyed every moment of their story I got to share. This third book was my favorite – and not just because it answered all my questions and pulled together all the loose ends. It also gave me two extraordinary main characters who are made for each other, whose romance is a lovely slow burn that has their feelings almost sneak up on them, and who share a passion that burns hot enough to make them forget the past.
Sam is a capable and talented chef, and he runs the restaurant adjacent to the ranch. He has been there for a while but he has never really felt as though he is part of the family. He desperately wants to belong though, and when I found out what his birth family is like when he attends his grandmother’s funeral, I could see why. Sam’s plans to use his “inheritance” to buy into the ranch are received with open arms, but then everything is derailed by the arrival of a wounded man who is stealing food from Sam’s kitchen. Rather than call the police, as is Sam’s first reaction, he ends up trying to help and feels compelled to protect him. Even when he finds out who Justin is, Sam’s loyalties never waver.

Justin is in such a mess, emotionally and physically, I was surprised he managed to make it home to the ranch at all. He has been undercover and on black-ops-like missions for years, and it was tough to see his stories and the truth of what happened to him and Adam unfold. He has suffered so much, but he won’t let himself find peace until he has completed his revenge. He can’t talk to his family, reveals only some of the truth to Sam, and is in a total mess. But as Sam takes care of him, and as he begins to reconnect with his brother and father and his friends, something changes in him and he can finally begin to heal. It was painful to watch, but very rewarding in the end.

If you like the Crooked Tree Ranch and its families with their drama and mystery, if you want to find out what happened to Justin and learn how meeting Sam is the key to his emotional recovery, and if you’re looking for a suspenseful read with complicated characters, relationships, and a grand reveal of the truth, then you will probably like this novel as much as I do. It’s truly a grand finale for this story arc!





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