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A Charming Idea by Alex Mar at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance / Holiday
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 30-December-2012

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Having fallen on hard times, London-based wizard Evan keeps his charms shop open on Christmas Eve. When he finally gets home, he finds his neighbor, Kian, languishing with a wound that hasn\'t healed properly. He takes Kian in and they share the Christmas roast from their neighbor, Mrs. Halfpenny—neither suspecting the magic in the marinade that will make their holiday especially merry.


Book Review

Whether we intend to or not, we all create first impressions of people, images of how the person looks, thinks, feels. The danger in doing this is that first impressions can be deceiving if not completely wrong. Evan misjudges his neighbor because of his job, gruff demeanor and clothing. Even though he's polite, Evan avoids him because he's under the impression that Kian doesn't like him. Mrs. Halfpenny, their neighbor, recognizes that the two men are lonely and decides to remedy the situation. All lovers need a little push sometimes, don't they? She uses her knowledge of charms to help them become charmed by each other.

Even though I didn't get to know them very well due to the brevity of the story, it was obvious that Evan is a kind, uncomplicated, considerate man who loves his family and is quite sad that work has to come before him being able to be with them on Christmas Day. He's appreciative of his neighbor, Mrs. Halfpenny, and her gifts of friendship and food. He likes having his own apartment, but he would love to have someone with whom to share his life. He doesn't have a clue that that someone might be his grouchy, distant neighbor, until fate intervenes.

I always find men with the bad boy image appealing and Kian fits that description perfectly. He knows that Evan watches him and is at least curious about him. Kian is attracted to Evan too, but can't decide whether or not to make a move. When the opportunity presents itself, even though Kian recognizes that magic is involved, he decides to get to know Evan more intimately and when he does, the passion which is ignited lights up both of their worlds.

I enjoyed this story very much. I liked the characters, the writing style, and, of course, the subculture magical theme. I'd love to know more about the characters' lives before and after they meet and think it has the possibility to be a great series. Thanks, Alex, for giving me the opportunity to be charmed.  




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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 40 pages/9612 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 01-December-2012
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