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Interview with Mia Watts on 02-March-2015

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Let's start with you telling us a little bit about yourself, Mia.
I’m a single mom of two amazing daughters and a survivor of breast cancer. I firmly believe that life has enough challenge, therefore it’s my job as a writer to lighten things up. I find inspiration in my fans who have stuck by me through sparse book releases while I was in treatment. They encourage, love and cheer me on every step of the way.

What would people be most surprised to learn about you?
Huh. Well, I speak six languages, have lived all over the world, dated a monk and married a minister (who I then happily divorced). Five years ago my daughters and I were homeless for three weeks, but with a lot of hard work and three jobs, I bought my first house on my own and moved in last month. I still passionately hate book pirates because they are the reason I have to work three jobs in order to make ends meet at home.

When did you start writing, is it something you've always been interested in, or did it develop later in life?
I’ve pretty much always written. I remember filling my diary with stories, all romances, about young girls who kicked ass to beat down kidnappers and win the guy in the end. I thought I was weird because I couldn’t get the characters and scenes out of my head, but it turns out, there’s a market for this! I got serious about writing in 2004. It took me three years to write my first book and three rejections before it found a home in 2007. I’ve been writing ever since. I love it. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sometimes I just wish that my fingers worked as fast as my story-brain.

Has it been everything you thought it would be or not?
Yes and no. That’s kind of a loaded question, naughty you. I wanted to be able to spend all my time writing from home, raising my family and being there for my kids after school or on sick days. I’m kind of traditional that way. However, I didn’t plan on pirates or a really greedy ex. I had to “get a real job” (I hate when people say that!) to keep my family fed. With around 60 books out there, you wouldn’t think that would be a problem, but people steal all the time and they are literally taking food off my table for my kids. It’s heartbreaking. I had no idea that would happen when I started writing. I think we all secretly hope we’re the next Rowling or Roberts, and we’ll make tons of money, but that’s not the reality. I don’t have a fancy car, feather boa, pool boys and eat caviar every day. It’s hard work and creatively draining for something that works out to be way less than minimum wage.

In other ways, it’s completely awesome. I get to touch people with my stories and it means as much to them as it does to me! It’s like sharing a dream with a very validating audience. ? I love my fans. Have I said that yet?? Holy cow, they have no idea how much they mean to me, but I’m sure as hell going to keep trying to tell them!

How did it feel when you realized that your very first book was going to be published?
Disbelief. I read the email three times then read it out loud in case I was interpreting the words through blind hope. Then I jumped around my living room, laughed and called my mother. I remember a week later it was followed by another email asking that I make the characters in the first book, a series. I was terrified. I had to do it again? In under three years??

What's your favorite part of writing a book?
The beginning. I always know how I’m going to start. Sure, it may change, but it’s the point where you get to know the guys you’re writing about. You kick off the moment of attraction and you see the sexual heat between them. I seriously get butterflies every single time.

Do you get time to read for pleasure? If so, which books do you enjoy?
Not so much anymore. I used to read a lot when all I did was write. I tend to stay away from my own genre because I don’t want to accidentally take on an idea that’s not mine. I think it’s easy to lose sight of all your ideas and concepts. To prevent that, I just stay away. I still love to read romances and the classics. There are always books I can’t help but go back to, like Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean Auel (which started my fascination with historical fiction), pretty much anything from Julia Quinn (who showed me humor could exist within the scope of romance), and The Cay by Theodore Taylor, which is just an awesome book... I don’t care who you are.

Are there any other genres you'd be interested in writing?
I have three pen names, so I pretty much write whatever I want. There is one that I want to do, and it might actually require a fourth pen name. I don’t think there’s a way around it since it would be fantasy-dystopian young adult adventure. I’m not sure I’d have romance in it or not. Now that I have kids, I get kind of squigged out by thinking of underage kids nekkin.

Please tell us a little about your most recent release.
I was ecstatic to rerelease my 'Hollywood Hotties' series with Totally Bound. They picked up 'Wrong Number, Right Guy' and 'Acting Out'. The condition is that they wanted more. I couldn’t be happier to oblige. So while those two books are very much the same as they were (if you bought them, you do not need to buy the re-releases, not that much has changed), I am also adding three more to the series. 'Heartthrob' is the book nestled between those two where Brett Shackley finally gets his love story. Then there’s 'Unscripted' which I’m finishing up now and 'Starstruck' which will be out later this year. With 'Unscripted', there is the potential to spin off in another direction. I guess I’ll need to see what the fan request is on that!

What can we look forward to in the future from you?
More! More of everything! I’ve been out of commission for a while and chemo does weird things to your creativity. I’m still really struggling to get back that story-brain I mentioned, but my publisher has been very supportive and EXTREMELY patient with me. That’s the kind of thing that breeds loyalty in me like nothing else. I keep watching their calls for submissions on the author loops. When I finish the Hollywood Hotties series, you will definitely be seeing more from me.

Anything you want to say to your readers?
I love you! If I could fan-girl you, I would do it in a heartbeat. You are my inspiration, my soul, my joy, and every grateful tear I’ve shed. Thank you for being by my side, for remembering me on Facebook and Twitter. I’ve seen you even when I haven’t been up to responding. I can’t tell you what seeing your #FF with my name on Twitter has done for my spirits when I know I haven’t had a book out in over a year. Thank you.

Mia Wats's recent releases
Wrong Number, Right Guy

A wrong number with a sexy voice on the other end… What are the chances a regular guy has just hooked the hottest actor on the silver screen?

Ryan Pierce is in town shooting the latest romantic action movie and attending all the right publicity parties. He wasn’t expecting to pick up the phone to an easy laugh and real conversation. So, when he discovers that his caller has misdialed, it surprises him even more that he doesn’t want the man to hang up.

Dar Phillips is the last man to get star-struck, yet his best friend drags him out to be an extra on a movie set. It’s a chance to meet the guy on the set who he accidently called, but he has to admit the lead actor is hot stuff. Could the loping mega-star be his phone-a-friend? And, when they kiss, is Dar ready for the paparazzi and accusations of betrayal by the man who now stars in Dar’s every dream?

Who did Dar fall for? The elusive Ryan Pierce, who can’t be seen with him, or the quiet, gentle man who’s just a phone call away?

Acting Out

Who wouldn’t want Hollywood hottie Cree Radek? When Evan Walker, Cree’s assistant, gives in to temptation, he’s sure Cree only wants a one-nighter. Evan has plans of his own, and falling in love isn’t one of them.

Cree Radek is one of Hollywood’s hottest stars. He’s an unapproachable alpha wrapped in black leather and spikes with ice-blue eyes lined in black. He’s hard to read and all kinds of sex-on-a-stick.

Evan Walker works for Cree as his assistant. Long hours and living arrangements make it impossible to keep things professional. So, when things get steamy, Evan sees himself as an easy target. But for Cree, Evan is a lot more than a one-night stand.

Family business takes Evan away in the middle of filming. Cree says he wants him back, but can a celebrity be faithful to a regular guy?

Bad Boys, Bad Boys
This isn’t a new release, but it’s a hot seller over at Totally Bound. Bad Boys, Bad Boys is what started me off in this genre and one of my all time favourite books because of it!

What you gonna do when they come for you? A police force partner submits to his desire while under the influence of alcohol. But since neither of the men are gay, what do they do with their lurking lust?

Geo Wilson has been partnered to Mack for three years. Sharing the same muscular build, dark hair, and olive complexion, they've been dubbed 'the twins' by the department. But lately Geo's dreams have taken an erotic twist to centre around Mack.

Mack values his friendship with Geo, would give his life for the man. Then one night Geo has a few too many beers and plants a kiss on him, he can't forget. He might have been able to pass it off as beer-haze except in helping Geo get back to his apartment, Mack is taken off guard by Geo's tackle and a mind-numbing blow job.

Now the partnership has to redefine itself while the criminal world continues around them. They could lose their badges, or lose each other.


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